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!" But then,just as he was about to say another word,the female stranger had let out a giggle and a sigh of relief,placed her friendly hand on Chris' shoulder and said,"I'm sorry about that.It's just that I've heard that someone was moving into the building and I had to run downstairs to see who the new tennant is." "Well,I guess that you had just found him.",said a smiling Chris,after he had let out a small chuckle."By the way,my name's Chris Winger.May I ask you what your name is?" "Oooohhhh,you could call me Bonnie.",she had answered her newfound neighbor,while she was walking with him up to his new digs."So,what brings you into the City of New York?" And after he had heard what Bonnie had said and realized that there was no other way around it,Chris had taken a deep breath,turned his head towards his new neighbor and answered,"I've had one hell of an arguement with my dad.Don't get me wrong.I really do love my mom and dad.It's just that after I had blown my stack and told him what an unfeeling piece-of-shit he was,he had gotten so pissed off that he had told me to get myself and my crap out of his house and don't come back." "Well,Chris.It sounds more to me like the both of you had each said something that you really didn't mean to say and are both in need of some time away from each other.",said an understanding Bonnie,after she had used Chris' new key to open the apartment door for him."In the meantime,why don't I come inside and help you get yourself settled into your new digs?" And then,after he had figured that she was nice enough to make such an offer,Chris had said 'yes' to his new neighbor's suggestion and allowed her to step into the apartment and start helping him unpack his stuff.
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