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“Who says I’m offering?” she said quietly, giving a little wiggle of her eyebrows and standing up, reaching down for the zip, pulling it swiftly up to her stomach, where she paused to ease her breasts into the black rubber, before sliding it right to the top, concealing her sexy body once more. He tried not to outwardly show his disappointment, but he really thought he’d blown it as she stood up and got professional again, thinking she’d simply wanted to tease him, or offered him the opportunity which he’d missed out on. “So, is there anything specific you’d like to do?” she asked, stepping back towards the desk, glancing over her shoulder at him, taking him back a little at the rather open question. “Umm what do you mean?” he said with a slight frown, not wanting to put his foot in it. “Well maybe something a little kinkier?” she purred, turning to lean against the desk, holding onto its edge as she looked at him sweetly. He paused, holding back his gasp and keeping far more composure now, his mind racing with possibilities, though he couldn’t hold back a hesitant sound. “Umm…well…how about…” he attempted, trying to build up the nerve to tell some kind of risqué idea to the foxy redhead. “Well, how about something with handcuffs?” she said, holding out a hand as if she were offering them right there. “Yeah…yeah that’d be good, and a blindfold perhaps?” he asked carefully, checking the way as it were.
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