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Halle was so happy that Angelina was feeling better. As Angelina was in the kitchen getting the drinks, clinking around making a racket, her large breasts bouncing as she moved. ”I’ve got a six pack of Stella’s and I’ve got a few whiting fillets in the fridge, I just rub it with some ginger and some light soy and fish sauce, foil it, and bung it in the oven. I mean, you like fish don’t you Halle?” She called out. “Um sure… Angie, this sounds a bit dumb considering how often I’ve been here, but just where is the bathroom again?” Angelina sounded off to her, waving her hand, “Oh, you know, just down there at the end of the second hallway…” She watched Halle wander down. Angelina’s house was huge, and this hallway had at least ten or so doors, Halle was confused. “Oh, this one?” Halle stated as she stopped at a door and opened it. Angelina looked down the hallway and freaked, “Oh fuck, no, Halle not that one!” But it was too late. Halle didn’t really recognise what she’d walked in on. It was a bare tiled room except that there were a few pillows to lie down on to be comfy, arranged around Angelina’s Academy Award. Also the Oscar seemed to be bolted or attached to the floor so that it couldn’t be moved. Plus, most peculiarly, it appeared that the Oscar was coated in some sort of bright shiny lacquer, which sort of polished it to a bright but sort of off-whitish colour.
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