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But Borden never cared. All      Jessica had to do was lead the trio through the classroom's back door,       flash      Borden a puppy-dog blush and embarrassed nod, and take one of the three      seats at the back of the three rows while Borden did his best not to drool      or let his hard-on tent out. Those three seats were ALWAYS empty when the      girls walked in, as if they were reserved for Jessica's daily performance.      "God forbid Fishel should miss a single fucking minute of chemistry,"      Jessica finally hissed in her stinging southern accent after enjoying the      rear view of Anna running through the hall. "Pathetic losers." She stared      straight ahead for a second, letting her diss linger and her bobby-socked      legs take another step or two, before ever-so-slightly turning her head to      the left, at Rachael.      "Totally," Rachael agreed.      No one was sure if Rachael had EVER disagreed with Jessica. Theirs was a      typical dominant-obedient friendship. It puzzled everyone why a girl like      Rachael, who had seemed so intelligent before Jessica blew into town, would      throw all her energy into following the blonde bombshell around all day.      With each cock of her short black tresses and flash of her brooding brown      eyes, she seemed to take note after mental note on Jessica.
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