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While she had certainly had her share of sexual escapades (most of them during Bod Squad cases) she certainly wasn't as sexually open as the rest of the girls. Suddenly, Love burst through the door. "Drop whatever you're doing" she said. "Jimmy is on the phone, looks like we've got our next case." The girls all gathered around the speaker phone to find out the details. "Hi girls" came the voice on the other line. "Hi Jimmy" they cooed. "Well girls, here's the deal. Apparently, over at Roosevelt High School they are having some trouble on the cheerleading squad. Someone has been making porn movies starring members of the team. One of the girls' mothers found this out, but none of the girls are willing to talk. We think the person behind all of this is their coach. She is also a teacher at the school. Her name is Ms. Anniston. Authorities haven't been able to pin anything to her due to the girls' reluctance to talk. We basically need to catch her in the act. I'd like two of you ladies to go undercover and see what you can dig up. Love, have you decided which two of you it will be?" "Yes I have. I'd like Kirsten and Katie to take on this case. I think this one will require Katie's tact, and I believe Kirsten has some prior cheerleading experience don't you?" "Oh, I know a thing or two about cheerleading" she giggled. "Good" replied Jimmy. "Just remember girls, be careful, but use any means necessary to solve this case.
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