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"Well, it sounds real interesting Win, maybe you're overworked there," said Tracy. "Chris I know has been looking for a charity to help out with. Maybe next time you go down there your can bring her along, she might be able to lighten your load." "Great idea Tracy," said Winona. "Speaking of loads, my cum load is ready to go again. Get that dildo and let's go another round." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Since Winona hadn't seen Christina Ricci in person for a while she was a bit taken aback when she saw the transformation that dating Tracy and all the hours she now spent at the Spa had done to her friend. Ricci had always been pretty with pale skin, large, thick breasts and a nice, round butt along with a curvy figure. Now, all the baby fat was gone and her body was cut. Her breasts were firm and stood out even more from her rock-hard body. Her butt was now smooth and firm and even more inviting. Ricci had gone from attractive to downright incredible looking. "Wow," said Ryder as Ricci got into her car to be driven to the homeless shelter, she was wearing a light summer dress that stopped well above her knees. "You certainly are not my chubby little sister from Mermaids anymore." "I know, I've gotten double the number of movie offers since I've been going out with Tracy, and they all want me to do nude scenes," said Ricci. "No one ever asked that of me before.
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