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\r\n“Leave her alone!” yelled Taylor. One stern look by the captor knocked all courage out of her. Taylor seemed shrink as the man walked up to her slowly. He took out another ball gag and unceremoniously shoved it in Taylor’s mouth. He then took out a clothes pin and pinched Taylor’s nipple. Petrified, Taylor followed the pin with her eyes. When the pin squeezed her nipple, producing a sharp pain, Taylor moaned loudly. As the second clothespin was attached to her other nipple, Taylor stiffened up and started to whimper.\r\n“Not so brave now, are you?” mocked the masked man.\r\nThe man turned his attention back to Selena, eliciting yet another whimper. He produced two more pins, and attached them to Selena’s defenseless tits. Selena screamed loudly as pain shot from her nipples and radiated to the rest of her body. The captor   then went back fondling her.\r\n“ Just love it when chicks drool” he said. ” You are a sexy bitch, aren’t you?”\r\nAll Selena could do was mewl through her gag.\r\nThe kidnapper produced a whip, a cat-o-nine tails. Both girls took a sharp breath at the site of the instrument. The abductor smiled, taking notice. He grabbed a hold of Selena’s torso rope and pulled Selena backwards.
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